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For questions about Read Only Memory.

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4 answers

Historical price of ROM

Historical price charts for RAM are quite readily available, e.g. in the mid-seventies a ballpark figure was a penny a byte. What was the price of ROM (assuming you were getting the chips produced in ...
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Cheapest type of Read-Only Memory allowing Random access before Year 1970

Back in the 50s and 60s people had: random access, read-write memories like Magnetic Cores. sequential access, read-write memories like Delay Lines and Magnetic Tapes. And: sequential access, write ...
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Is it legal to download ROM images from shared or internet archives? [closed]

Is it generally legal to download older ROM images of commercial software and games for non-commercial use in a retro computing system (emulated or otherwise)? (Note that this question implies no ...
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13 votes
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Did the Apple 1 cassette interface card have its own ROM?

According to this page, the Apple 1 monitor program was located in addresses $F000-$FFFF, a ROM program to use the optional cassette interface card was at addresses $C100-$C1FF, and the peripheral ...
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Extended ROMs on the Amiga CD32 and CDTV

Continuing my series of questions about Amiga ROMs :-) The Commodore CDTV contained a normal Kickstart 1.3 ROM, plus an "extended ROM". From The ...
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Did any SNES games use the fast ROM?

According to the transcript at ... I could get the software running again to run at about 30 frames per second if of course I'm using a fast ...
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Can you program an arcade game and have MAME or another emu run it?

I know Mame works with drivers for each game or hardware, and it checks for specific ROMs, and I guess it might check also for some checksum to verify the ROMs integrity. Is there some way you could ...
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What does "ByteSwapped" and "BigEndian" refer to in the context of video game ROMs?

I have found two different sets of Nintendo 64 ROMs with the same games (which, of course, I physically own). One is labeled "ByteSwapped" and the other "BigEndian". What exactly ...
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Why are there no actual complete and 100% verified/vetted ROM collections still? [closed]

Recently, I've been searching far and wide to collect, in digital form, the exact games that I owned as a child, or had temporarily, or rented/borrowed/played at somebody else's house, or never really ...
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