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For question regarding the SDCC ISO C compiler which targets CPUs used in retro machines like z80.

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Testing "8-bit readiness" with an emulator or pre-packaged kit

I'm working on a project that intends to implement a dynamically typed language on 8-bit systems. (That is, a CPU with 16-bit pointers and a maximum of 64 kB of RAM. Some language tricks are involved, ...
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Working on programming a retro z80 computer (SDCC error)

I am working on coding a driver of sorts for a Z80 based computer I am making. I am compiling with SDCC and I have been getting the following? ASlink-Warning-Undefined Global 'data' referenced by ...
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Why isn't the 'restrict' keyword useful in SDCC when compiling for Z80 target? [closed]

Context SDCC claims to support C11. I use it to write games on Z80 target (for fun and experience). C11 defines restrict C11 specifies the restrict keyword on pointers, which can improve generated ...
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