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Did the Silicon Graphics/SGI flight simulator (dog aka dogfight aka flight) have craft like X-Wings and Klingon Birds of Prey in any version?

The Wikipedia page for SGI Dogfight contains the following unsourced claim: In some intermediate version (between 1985 and 1995) aircraft inspired by Star Wars (X-wings, ...) were added. They ...
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PowerAnimator System Requirements?

I was curious: what was the cheapest/wimpiest computer you could run PowerAnimator back in the day on? My guess would be a base model SGI Indy.
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SGI Octane and Octane 2 fail to boot

(Following up from Monitor for an SGI Octane?) I booted both my Octane and Octane 2 machines for the first time. I have a monitor connected via a 13W3-to-VGA adapter, but no PS2 keyboard or mouse yet....
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Monitor for an SGI Octane?

I just found myself being the sudden and proud owner of two wonderful Silicon Graphics machines, an Octane and an Octane 2, both in quite good condition (in particular with very few scratches to the ...
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gcc: installation problem, cannot exec 'as': No such file or directory

How do I compile my code that I have typed on my SGI Indy computer? I have already tried to install the GCC/G++ compilers, but when I run my application, I get the error that says: gcc: ...
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Best IRIX Integrated Development Environment for C++ Programming

I tried to install GCC on Irix, but it did not work. I tried to install Code::Blocks on Irix, and it did not work. The GCC gave me parse errors in iostream.h and streambuf.h, and NetScape does not ...
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Netscape has detected a /.netscape/lock file

My computer is saying that my netscape file is being used by a host that says it is located in Boulder Colorodo. It is coming from a wierd IP address. I just plugged my ethernet cable to use the ...
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How do I compile C code with the IRIX X Window System?

I have typed out a rather large file in C code that is defining OpenGL graphics and will draw a triangle on the screen. While I know all of the functions of the X Windowing System, I do not know how ...
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I dont know how to install SGI IRIX operating system

I just bought an SGI Indy computer off of Ebay. The computer works, but I do not know how to netboot one of the computers. Since I do not have an external disk drive (but I do have disk drives from ...
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Strange visual behaviour on SGI IRIX

I've installed IRIX on SGI Octane and have screen looking like this: (I mean the stripes on all elements of the screen, which doesn't seem as a result of CRT monitor - the screen looks normally on ...
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What kind of computer monitor do I need for a SGI O2?

The SGI O2 has a standard VGA port, but when I connect it to a CRT computer monitor, I do not get a signal. Do I need a specific kind of monitor in order to use the O2?
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