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Why did the Sharp X68000 use 5.25" drives?

The Sharp X68000 came with two 5.25" floppy drives. Later models moved to 3.5" drives. Why did Sharp choose 5.25" over 3.5"? When the X68000 was released in 1987, 3.5" drives ...
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How similar were the X68000 and Capcom CP system?

The Sharp X68000 was used in the development of many Capcom games in the CP system era. It was a formidable workstation but I've also heard it said that the two systems were similar in capability, to ...
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What connection exists between Facit AB and Sharp on the MZ-800 computer?

Facit used to be a very successful Swedish company manufacturing mechanical calculators that quickly went down to its final demise by not being able to adapt to the shift towards electronic ...
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