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For questions about the different versions of the SID chips, used in various Commodore machines

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What could SID do that APU could not?

Two of the more famous and highly regarded sound chips in the 8-bit era were the Commodore 64's SID and the Nintendo APU. Which of the two was overall better, seems to be a matter on which there is a ...
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What percentage of the SID was control versus voices?

I'm interested in specifics of the design and manufacturing of the SID, the sound chip of the Commodore 64. There is a good die photo here
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Are the 16 linear steps of the SID Sustain and Filter Volume/Resonance steps of 6.25 or 6.666666667?

The SID has various registers that are described as 16 linear steps: The Filter Volume, The Filter Resonance, and the Sustain of the voice envelopes. The SUSTAIN levels range from zero to peak ...
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Are SID Players practically almost full-fledged C64 Emulators?

There are many stand-alone audio players (and plugins for general audio players) out there for many systems that play the music of the Commodore 64 that is famous for its SID chip. I believe many of ...
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Commodore 64 sound seems to freeze at a high pitch if executed too soon after startup

I created this little sound driver for sound effects, it makes a classic "laser beam" sound you would hear in old arcade games. There's just one problem, and it's a bit of a strange one. I ...
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How did I fry my SID chip?

I recently got a SID chip (8580r5) for $35 and got it playing music. I was really happy about it. I hooked up a small amp chip to the 9V supply momentarily (it didn't work, I was building that part of ...
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Are there Commodore BASIC 7.0 music demos?

Commodore BASIC 7.0 that came with the Commodore 128 provided commands for playing music notes and setting different instruments. The play function even had a feature that played a note in the ...
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SID, sampled sound and bad lines

The SID could play sampled sound by poking a click into the chip at an appropriate frequency, and some Commodore 64 games like Ghostbusters and Impossible Mission did this (though only for a few ...
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What was the die size of the 6581 SID?

The MOS 6581 SID, the original version of the sound chip in the Commodore 64, was according to Wikipedia, 'produced in 7-micrometer technology to gain a high yield; the state of the art at the time ...
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SID to WAV converter that exports per channel separately

For a C64 SID project of mine ( I was using an converter almost 10 years ago, but it is missing now with its name... I researched many sites, but no lucky. Is there any ...
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Was the output of the C64 SID chip 8 bit sound?

Was the output of the C64 SID chip 8 bit sound? I know that SID is not sample based, but instead generate its sound using sine waves and white noise. So is it correct to say that the audio ...
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