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Is there a version of Python that runs on a QL, Speccy or a Commodore?

Does any Python port run on any Speccies or Commodores? I am hopeful about QL, since: Based on a Motorola 68008 processor clocked at 7.5 MHz, the QL included 128 KB of RAM, which was officially ...
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Sinclair's microdrive -- was it based on compact cassette technologies?

Recently I've also looked inside microdrive drives of Sinclair QL and inside microdrive cartridges for it. The tape looked like a compact cassette tape cut longitudinally to a half width (which seems ...
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Were there really any cost savings in Sinclair QL because of it being 8-bit design with 8-bit bus 68k CPU?

I've recently looked into the Sinclair QL schematics and found that it actually has two 8bit ROMs, 16 4164 DRAM chips and yet it is purely 8bit machine, even the 68008 there has 8bit bus. With very ...
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Why did the Sinclair QL keyboard lack a Delete key?

It seems like an odd key to omit, given how frequently used it is and given that both the Spectrum + and 128 have one, which acts like backspace does on a modern PC. They could have swapped it for two ...
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