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Questions tagged [sound]

Questions regarding the generation of sound in retrocomputers.

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How is the Genreal MIDI Soundbank file format structured?

Until today, you can download soundbanks for the Java Sound API from Oracle here. What surprises me is, that they are not hidden on an old subpage -- you find them freely accessible on their website ...
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What was the first device to "beep" in lieu of tactile feedback to button presses?

I'm splitting this question off of When was beeping invented, in a user interface sense? because I think it's more answerable on its own and I suspect likely to still be computing-related. At some ...
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Which machines, other than the PC-Engine, uses custom-waveform synthesis for sound?

The most common way retro machines made sounds were with programmable sound generators (PSG); there was a bunch of square waves, saw waves or noise channels at disposal. When technology evolved ...
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