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For questions regarding the SPARC64 range of processors.

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SPARC coprocessor instructions

I think this is borderline retro, SPARC is in the past it seems... I'm reading over the SPARC instruction set, which is confusing because every reference I find mixes "real" instructions and ...
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SPARCstation 1+ cache block size

What is the size of each cache block in a SPARCstation 1+? The only information I found about the cache was that it is "64K write-through cache, direct-mapped, virtually indexed, virtually tagged, 16-...
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5 votes
2 answers

What is the ROMBO header on a Sun system for?

On a Sun Ultra 10 system board, there is a plain 32-pin header next to the PCI riser connector that the documentation describes as ROMBO. What is that? What would connect here? Other than the table ...
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How to bring up the firmware console on a SunBlade 100

I've got an old SunBlade 100 workstation that I'm trying to install OpenBSD on. The first step in the process is to bring up the OpenFirmware prompt to select the boot medium, which you do by ...
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