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For questions about the Sinclair ZX Spectrum model released after Amstrad took over the company, which included a built-in compact cassette player in the case.

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ZX Spectrum Plus 2a not loading any games

I've just purchased another ZX Spectrum Plus 2a and this one has an issue loading games. At first I thought it was just the tape heads needing to be cleaned and the alignment being out. However, I ...
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Spectrum +2A power supply capacitors replacement

I am new to the world of Spectrums, but I have a +2A which isn't powering up. I've tested the voltages on the pins of the connector and none of the voltages being supplied were even close. Given ...
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Why did Amstrad choose such bank combinations for its all-RAM mode in +2A and +3 Spectrum computers?

The +2A and the +3 versions of the ZX Spectrum, made by Amstrad, had a new banking mode, called "special". This banking mode is entered by setting bit 0 of port 1FFD. When active, two bits from this ...
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