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When did SunOS get a graphical interface?

I understand that the first graphical user interface for SunOS was SunTools (later renamed to SunView), but I cannot find any documentation that states when it was released and for which versions of ...
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How did the Sun-1 handle page faults despite having the original 68000 processor?

The Sun-1 was Sun Microsystems' first Unix workstation. As described in its Wikipedia article, it had a Motorola MC68000 processor and a custom memory management unit: The Sun-1 MMU was necessary ...
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Why do Sun keyboards use diamond for meta?

The Sun Type 3 keyboard labelled its meta keys "Left" and "Right". The Type 4 changed this to a hollow diamond, or lozenge: ◇. The Type 5 and on uses a solid diamond: ◆. My ...
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is it possible to renew a solaris license for an Sun ultra workstation

I have an old Sun Ultra workstation from early 2000s, running Solaris with an IDE called sparcworks. I'm trying to revive it (I have some numerical analysis libraries I want to retrieve and re-use), ...
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