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SunOS is a Unix-branded, BSD-based operating system first released in 1983, with the last release in 1994. SunOS ran on Motorola 680x0, Sun386i and SPARC CPU architectures.

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A SunOS kernel configuration file in the CSRG ISOs?

Does anyone know why there is a SunOS kernel configuration file in the 4.1c.1 BSD directory tree in the CSRG ISOs? How to see that this file exists: McKusick sells the CSRG ISOs. But let's face it, ...
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When did SunOS get a graphical interface?

I understand that the first graphical user interface for SunOS was SunTools (later renamed to SunView), but I cannot find any documentation that states when it was released and for which versions of ...
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Why would an implementation of getwd call mktemp?

As mentioned here the book Expert C Programming contains the claim that there was a bug in SunOS 4.0.3's version of lpr, (a printing program) caused by a custom mktemp function overriding the library ...
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Automatic booting of SunOS 4.1.14 in qemu-system-sparc: OpenFirmware vs OpenBIOS

In a fit of nostalgia I decided to boot SunOS 4.1.4 up under emulation using qemu-system-sparc. It all seems to work, but I'm trying to remove an annoying manual step. I'm starting qemu-system-sparc ...
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QEMU with SunOS 4 - how to transfer files

How do I transfer files between the host and the guest when using SunOS 4 under QEMU? I have followed this guide: But when I try to rlogin or rcp, I get ...
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