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Questions tagged [tandy-1000]

For questions about the IBM-compatible Tandy 1000 line of home computers.

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How to add ISA cards to the Tandy 1000 memory PLUS expansion board

I have a Tandy 1000A with a 25-1011 Memory PLUS Expansion Board (maxed out with 384kB). This board has a single 62-pin connector to add low-profile accessories like a mouse/clock card or a modem. I ...
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Tandy 1000 TDYSPKR utility

I've seen reference to a TDYSPKR (.EXE or .COM?) tool that sets audio output options on the early Tandy 1000 series of computers (1000, 1000A, 1000SX, 1000TX, maybe others). Apparently it can toggle ...
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Has anyone had any luck locating an old Tandy 1000 specific magazine called PCM by Falsoft publishing?

I hope this is appropriate to ask here, if it's not, please let me know and I'll get it deleted. So, for YEARS, I have been searching high and low for old copies of a Tandy 1000 and Tandy portable ...
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Is it possible to convert a Tandy 1000 EX video signal to SCART?

I've recently acquired a Tandy 1000 EX. It appears to have a 9 pin RGB video out and I understand it produces a CGA signal. I would like to connect this output to my SCART switcher, which is connected ...
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Who produced all-in-one / wedge style IBM compatibles?

The RetroManCave YouTube channel recently made me aware of the Sinclair PC-200 / Amstrad PC-20 and I already knew about the Tandy 1000EX / 1000HX but were there any other IBM-compatibles (or mostly ...
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Looking for a Ninja PC Game where hero arrives in hang glider

I'm looking for a game I played in the early 90's on a Tandy computer. Here are the facts I remember by decreasing order of certainty : The beginning of the game is the hero arriving in an hang ...
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How did the Tandy 1000 select its drives?

I am trying to use some Tandy 1000 drives with a SuperCard Pro and have encountered some anomalies using them as "standard" floppy drives. It appears that with the original (or at least, working and ...
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Is the IBM 5153 color display compatible with the Tandy 1000 16 color modes?

Is it possible to view games made for Tandy Graphics (TGA, etc) on an IBM 5153 color display connected to an original Tandy 1000 (or 1000/A) in 16 colors?
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Formatting a 720K floppy disk over USB fails with Windows 10

I've read many times that USB floppy drives will not format (or read/write) 720K disks. But then I read several posts online where people say they have done it. Even with Windows 10 (which is what I'...
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How to do the Tandy 1000 audio mod on a PCjr?

The information on modifications on the PC Enterprises website was never saved by the web archive, so looking there is out. I remember in their printed catalogs they sold a mod kit for making the PCjr ...
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Can the IBM PCjr be upgraded to support the better features of the Tandy 1000?

It is well known that the IBM PCjr was a commercial failure and that the Tandy 1000 series of computers not only matched the features of the PCjr (other than maybe the wireless keyboard), it also ...
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