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For questions about the creation and use of tape images, also known as snapshots, raw data stored on tape as a file.

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Help identifying format of old tape backup

I'm recovering data from old QIC backup tapes for an acquaintance, which I do by dumping the raw data in Linux, and decoding the files from it using my own scripts, which handle several standard ...
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Does lossy audio compression damage datasette data?

I grew up with the C64 and had software on cassette tapes. These days, you can find "backups" of this software all over the internet, even in mp3 format (by recording the audio signal with a ...
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What are quick ways to load downloaded tape images onto an unmodified 8-bit computer?

There are repositories of tape software available online, for example CPC Power for Amstrad CPC machines. What is the fastest and simplest way to load such games onto an unmodified computer, with the ...
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Reconstructing uncompressed program from compressed tape image

I have a C64 program in a .t64 file. If I load it into an emulator, what I see is that it loads into a cracktro, which then proceeds to uncompress (taking several seconds at 100% speed) the original ...
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Length of leader block in Coco and Dragon cassette tape header and .cas tape image file format

I've been looking into the format of .cas files for Tandy Color Computer and Dragon32 emulators. These files are almost exactly byte for byte representations of the data/audio/bit pattern of the ...
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What are D64, T64, D71 and D81 files?

The docs for the Ultimate-II+ expansion cartridge for the Commodore 64 state: It is able to read D64 files, as well as D71 and D81 files (no partitions), T64 files. So what are D64, T64, D71 and D81 ...
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Why does the .z80 emulator-snapshot format have separate fields for the 8-bit refresh register and bit 7 of R?

I've been looking at the .z80 file format for Sinclair ZX Spectrum games. Most docs discussing the format include pretty much this wording: Offset Length Description -------------------------...
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Transferring data from Spectrum +3 disk to tape/.TAP etc

I've recently found a number of my own programs (very old!) on Spectrum +3 discs, and I'm about to get hold of a working +3. Assuming the discs are readable, I'd like to transfer the programs (mostly ...
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