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The use of computers with obsolete telephone technologies.

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Does the interface PBX phones plug into limit modem speed? [closed]

Many hotel etc phones plug into a digital PBX, often with a non-standard interface. Does the interface PBX phones plug into limit modem speed to below 56k?
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How to export SMS messages from a Nokia 1616 / 1800? [closed]

I have two old Nokia phones and I'm trying to export all the SMS messages stored in them to my laptop. The first one is a Nokia-3110c. I managed to connect it to my laptop using a USB cable and ...
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Is there a softmodem driver package for Linux?

I'd like to run an old-school BBS that can be dialed into over a real phone line. Unfortunately, I don't currently have the necessary hardware to do so. I had the idea of purchasing a VPS and then ...
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Why did ISDN terminals tend to advertise the switches they are compatible with vs the standard protocols?

I've begun hacking on a lot of ISDN equipment that I've purchased (phones, terminal adapters, protocol analyzers, etc.) One thing that's struck me odd is that a lot of the equipment notes it ...
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How can I construct a dial-up network in my home, purely for the kicks?

All the technology in my house is modern, but I want to build a dialup network that I can use to produce sounds from Bell 101/103 (if I can find the proper softmodem) to V.92bis. I honestly don't know ...
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