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Questions tagged [terminal]

For questions related to terminals such as WYSE, VT100 and Teletype.

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Small format X terminal with EL screen

I remember an ad for a small-format (about as wide as a 60% keyboard) dark-ish grey colored X terminal that had a 12" (?) yellow electroluminescent screen similar to the Grid laptops but higher ...
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Restoring a self-inking printer cartridge

I've seen people ask about restoring printer or typewriter ribbons, but my situation's a little different. I have a self-inking ribbon for a DECwriter Correspondent. It's easy to open up the casing, ...
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Micro-Term ERGO 301 (C134) Terminal Keyboard compatibility

I dug up my old ERGO 301-C134 Terminal, but in the various house-moves, the keyboard has gone missing. I searched and searched the roof-cavity, but it has probably been lost. Click to embiggen ...
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