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For questions about TR-DOS, the disk operating system of the Beta Disc and Beta 128 disk interfaces for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and much more widely used in Russian Spectrum clones.

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Are the last 4 bytes in .SCL disk image files for Spectrum clones meaningful or spurious?

I recently added support for .scl images files to my Ghidra module which already supported .trd images. They are both representations of TR-DOS floppy disks as used mainly on Spectrum clones from ...
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3 votes
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Where can this "boot.B" file be coming from on this Spectrum TR-DOS disk image?

After working on some tools that parse the TR-DOS disk image format .TRD files for a while I just noticed that one of the game disk images I had downloaded "La Abadia Del Crimen", only has three files ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Do any of the open source Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulators support both TR-DOS and 3DOS?

The number of Spectrum emulators has been growing for decades now so there's quite a lot for different platforms and written in different languages. I'm interested in learning about two of the disk ...
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How did the Spectrum clones with TR-DOS and paged memory load and run code files from disk?

I've been playing with Spectrum emulators, their file formats and some reverse engineering tools recently. Thanks to this forum, I was able to parse the TR-DOS disk image format and find the bytes of ...
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