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How did UCSD Pascal exception mechanism work?

In the UCSD PASCAL II.0 Manual, there is a description (document page 140, PDF page 153) of a peculiar language feature: instead of non-local GOTO statements, as in the Wirth's Pascal, there is ...
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How can I tell which compiler I have on my UCSD P-system IV disks?

I have a MS-DOS-hosted UCSD P-system IV, where the disks have been converted to named VOL image files. One of these is called VOLITION, and contains a compiler on it. However, since the compiler is ...
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Identify version of UCSD P-System disks?

I have a DOS-hosted UCSD P-System running under DOSBox. The "boot" drive for it has to be IV, but the .VOL files that I have - from several sources - don't necessarily contain .CODE files ...
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UCSD P-System: Why only 77 files per volume?

What was the reason that the UCSD P-system filesystem was designed in such a way that it was limited to 77 files per volume?
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Cross-Compatibility of UCSD p-Machine Versions?

I currently have Apple Pascal (and Fortran, and PILOT) running on an Apple IIgs emulator on Windows. As near as I can tell, it's UCSD p-System II.something. I also have a DOS-hosted UCSD p-System, IV....
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