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Why didn't Remington Rand integrate their own teleprinter in their UNIVAC?

Remington was a successful typewriter producer whose shift-key products had been the role model of typewriter. Remington Rand was an early manufacturer of Computers and created the famous UNIVAC ...
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How did a UNIVAC predict the results of the 1952 U.S. Presidential election?

The first computer prediction of a U.S. Presidential election was by a UNIVAC I computer used by CBS News on election night 1952. At 9:15 pm, with only 3.4 million of the eventual 61.8 million ...
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Did any 16-bit or 36-bit computer instruction set ever include 4x4 or 6x6 bit-matrix operations?

Donald Knuth's 64-bit MMIX architecture includes several novel instructions that operate matrixwise on an 8x8 square matrix (MOR, MXOR). (MMIX also has instructions like BDIF that operate vectorwise ...