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For questions about the Unix operating system.

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What is the history of SysV i386 calling convention for struct return?

I would like to understand historical roots of the quirk in the SysV calling convention for the 32-bit x86, which was inherited by the ELF standard, and so remains used on Linux to this day. Consider ...
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Unix on the H11?

I'm curious if anyone is aware of actual uses of Unix on the Heathkit H11? I don't see any technical reason a memory-expanded H11 couldn't run Unix, but can't find any examples of it doing so.
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A learning gomoku in Lisp

Years ago I played a version of gomoku that was written in Lisp that learned as you played. After a few rounds, it became nearly unbeatable. This was on Unix System III on a small PDP-11. I have ...
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Small format X terminal with EL screen

I remember an ad for a small-format (about as wide as a 60% keyboard) dark-ish grey colored X terminal that had a 12" (?) yellow electroluminescent screen similar to the Grid laptops but higher ...
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What does this image in Space Travel represent?

I was touching up the Space Travel article on the Wiki and realized no one had answered a question I posted some time ago. I suspect someone here knows the answer. This image is used in the infobox to ...