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For questions about the Unix operating system.

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6 votes
1 answer

Was job control supported in UNIX V7 or earlier?

Linux supports job control, i.e. you can start a process in the background, or make a foreground process run in the background, or make a background process run in the foreground, etc. Did any V7 or ...
13 votes
2 answers

How can I build Gameboy Development Kit 2.1.5 on a modern Unix/Mac platform?

Continuing with my quest to build the Infinity Game Boy Color source code, I am trying to build the Unix source of GBDK 2.1.5 on my macOS El Capitan machine. Trying to make the files in the lib ...
7 votes
1 answer

How to get a list of processes on UNIX V7?

I am running UNIX V7 using the SimH emulator. I am trying to get a list of processes using ps, but I am getting the following error: No namelist So I tried the following fix (from this post): cd /...
4 votes
2 answers

Does the "backspace" key places the cursor on a new line in UNIX V7?

I am running UNIX V7 using the SimH emulator. Whenever I press the "backspace" key, instead of the previous character being deleted, what happens is that the cursor is placed on a new line. Is this ...
3 votes
1 answer

Does UNIX V7 have a built-in file editor?

I can use cat to display the content of a file in UNIX V7, but I don't know how can I edit the content of a file. Is there a built-in file editor in UNIX V7?
6 votes
2 answers

Is the terminal number fixed?

Let's say that we have a PDP-11 computer with Unix installed on it and we have three terminals connected to it: A terminal can use the tty Unix command to get the terminal number. Now my question is:...
7 votes
1 answer

"ps" returning "No namelist" on UNIX V7

I am using this emulator for UNIX V7: When I type ps to get a list of processes, I get the following error:
11 votes
1 answer

How POSIX-compliant is Xenix?

Xenix was the most popular Unix flavour of the 80's. However, it was designed before the POSIX standards came to be, and its final version was released shortly after the first POSIX specification was ...

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