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Was there an equivalent to TELNET in the IPX/SPX protocol suite?

It seems logically like there would be, but I can't find much information. I found an IBM AS/400 manual from 1997, OS/400 Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX) Support V4R1, which briefly mentions using ...
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What's this mysterious dynamic RAM board in my Heathkit H8?

I recently acquired a Heathkit H8 computer. It only has two boards plugged into the bus: the processor board that every H8 has, and another board, which is apparently a dynamic RAM board. I can't find ...
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What is the fastest 8088-compatible machine? [closed]

I can see a PC benchmark sheet here. It shows that the fastest XT is Juko XT, which runs at 12 MHz with NEC V20. I actually own one, and I've checked that it runs at 12 MHz. But another thing I know ...
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