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For questions on Universal Serial Bus cables, connections, and communication protocols related to retrocomputing hardware and software

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XW8000 workstation boot from USB

I have an old XW8000 machine that I’ve been trying and failing boot from USB for the last week. I’ve tried burning Ubuntu 6.0, 8.0, 14.0, 22.04 on USB media using PowerIso and BalenaEtcher and the usb ...
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How to use dd command to write a PC booter floppy image to a USB flash drive?

I have some PC booter images from new homebrew games by this Japanese developer: As I know, those images have a 360k size, and are self-bootable by the old IBM PC (...
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How did an old mouse detect if it was connected to PS/2 or USB port?

Prompted by this earlier question about USB-to-PS2 adapters, in which the answer is that the mouse figures out what it is connected to, the question arises: how do it know?
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How did early green PS/2 to USB mouse adapters work?

I remember when USB mouses came out those green PS/2 to USB adapters were around. (I cannot remember to have seen a purple keyboard adapter doing the same. But that doesn't mean anything.) I always ...
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9 pin D-sub to VGA or USB

I've bought a medical device (Giger MD), which collects data during the patient's exercise and send the data to a computer. An UTP cable connects the device to a 9-way D-SUB female, and that should be ...
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Why was USB 1.0 incredibly slow even for its time?

USB 1.0 is from 1996 and has a transfer rate of up to 12 Mbps. I think it's extremely slow even for its time. Because here are two similar standards from the same time which are much faster: IEEE 802....
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Did they forget to add the physical layout to the USB keyboard standard?

USB keyboards must have been one of the first devices that could be connected to a USB port. When you are from the US it's possible that you have never faced this problem. But in all other parts of ...
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FreeDOS and USB support

I have an old Fujitsu LifeBook that I want to install Windows 98 on. I burned a Windows 98 CD and verified it works, but the LifeBook's CD drive cant seem to read it. I do know the CD drive works, as ...
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I get I/O errors when writing a disk image to a new old-stock floppy in a USB drive. How can I resolve this?

I wish to create a bootable DOS 3.3 installation floppy disk (3.5″, 1.44MB, 2HD, Sony branded) for my AST Premium Exec 386SX/20 laptop. I have bought a new USB floppy disk drive and connected it to an ...
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8 pin Mini-DIN to USB converter; where can I buy one?

I have a vintage Sun Microsystems Type 6 keyboard that uses an 8 pin Mini-DIN and I want to use it on a modern computer with at least a USB 2.0 port. I've searched online e-commerce websites but most ...
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Could a BBC Micro power supply be replaced with USB power?

According to this video the BBC Micro's power supply provided a 5 Volt supply to the motherboard. Could a BBC Micro have it's internal power supply replaced with a USB power connector?
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Reading 720 KiB floppy disks in a floppy drive identifying as ‘TEAC USB UF000x’ [closed]

I am using a USB connected "Sabrent FD-05PUB" 3.5″ floppy drive to read data using Windows 10 computer. It shows in Device Manager as "TEAC USB UF000x USB Device". The 1440 KiB ...
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Role of Termcap under contemporary unices

A word of caution regarding this question: I'm more a userland than kernel person but have this nagging concern which I think belongs to kernel. When configuring a system one decides on peripherals ...
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Gotek drives for MS-DOS (plus few more constraints)

I have installed two gotek device instead of two old unworking floppy disk drives (in particular on an Olivetti PCS 86). And the result is something like this: (The one on the right should the the A:...
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20 votes
6 answers

Wanted: 5.25" floppy to USB adapter

I have found inexpensive (~$15) 3.5in floppy to USB adapter cables but have been unable to find a similar adapter for 5.25 floppy drives. Does anybody make such a thing? Are the pinouts of a 3.5 the ...
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Accessing a USB drive from DOS

I am setting up a new development computer with FreeDOS and can boot off the SATA or USB drive. This is my first new computer with sophisticated UEFI (I have CSM enabled). If I boot from the USB I ...
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USB ports for a 486 laptop (pccard 16bits)

I have an old laptop 486 with PhoenixBIOS which supports PC card 16bits( PCMCIA II/III). I am thinking about the possibility of adding a pccard 16bits with USB ports, mainly to read usbsticks or ...
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How to use USB flash drives with Windows 98 SE?

I have a Compaq desktop computer running Windows 98 SE. It's been handed down a few times, and I don't recollect it ever being online but it does have a version of Firefox from 2007 so I could be ...
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Connecting Panasonic "Penwriter" RK-P400C to modern PC using USB to serial cable

I have a Panasonic "Penwriter" model RK-P400C electronic typewriter/plotter from circa 1985 I'd like to be able to connect to a modern PC. And hopefully even use to draw graphics! Bought in almost new ...
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How can I connect a modern USB keyboard to a system requiring PS/2?

I have a DEC VT525 terminal base (recently repaired) that requires a PS/2 keyboard. The Digital OEM keyboard was a LK 411, with a PS/2 plug. There was also a PC-style keyboard available. I could get ...
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21 votes
9 answers

Formatting a 720K floppy disk over USB fails with Windows 10

I've read many times that USB floppy drives will not format (or read/write) 720K disks. But then I read several posts online where people say they have done it. Even with Windows 10 (which is what I'...
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Is there a device that connects to a USB port and acts like a normal PC floppy drive?

I'm aware there are floppy emulators that are installed to 3.5″ bays where disk images are stored on a flash drive. But what I need now is the opposite: essentially a USB dongle that emulates the ...
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Mind-Controller User Input from the late 90s

In the late 1990's, I recall that there was a piece of hardware being demonstrated in Best Buy that supposedly allowed you to control your computer via signals sent from your brain. The way it worked ...
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Connecting an Apple //e with a Super Serial Card to an Android device via a USB to DB25 cable

I have an Apple //e, and I quite enjoy using it as a dumb terminal to my Raspberry Pi from time to time. Recently, I came across a few cords that could connect my Android phone (a Pixel) to the DB25 ...
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Modern USB devices on Windows 98 SE [duplicate]

I have a Windows 98 Second Edition laptop that is slowly degrading. It has not been used for a few years, and I would like to take a backup of the (2GB) drive before it fails. The CD-ROM drive is read-...
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