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How to use dd command to write a PC booter floppy image to a USB flash drive?

I have some PC booter images from new homebrew games by this Japanese developer: As I know, those images have a 360k size, and are self-bootable by the old IBM PC (...
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How did an old mouse detect if it was connected to PS/2 or USB port?

Prompted by this earlier question about USB-to-PS2 adapters, in which the answer is that the mouse figures out what it is connected to, the question arises: how do it know?
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How did early green PS/2 to USB mouse adapters work?

I remember when USB mouses came out those green PS/2 to USB adapters were around. (I cannot remember to have seen a purple keyboard adapter doing the same. But that doesn't mean anything.) I always ...
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9 pin D-sub to VGA or USB

I've bought a medical device (Giger MD), which collects data during the patient's exercise and send the data to a computer. An UTP cable connects the device to a 9-way D-SUB female, and that should be ...
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Why was USB 1.0 incredibly slow even for its time?

USB 1.0 is from 1996 and has a transfer rate of up to 12 Mbps. I think it's extremely slow even for its time. Because here are two similar standards from the same time which are much faster: IEEE 802....
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Did they forget to add the physical layout to the USB keyboard standard?

USB keyboards must have been one of the first devices that could be connected to a USB port. When you are from the US it's possible that you have never faced this problem. But in all other parts of ...
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FreeDOS and USB support

I have an old Fujitsu LifeBook that I want to install Windows 98 on. I burned a Windows 98 CD and verified it works, but the LifeBook's CD drive cant seem to read it. I do know the CD drive works, as ...
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I get I/O errors when writing a disk image to a new old-stock floppy in a USB drive. How can I resolve this?

I wish to create a bootable DOS 3.3 installation floppy disk (3.5″, 1.44MB, 2HD, Sony branded) for my AST Premium Exec 386SX/20 laptop. I have bought a new USB floppy disk drive and connected it to an ...
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8 pin Mini-DIN to USB converter; where can I buy one?

I have a vintage Sun Microsystems Type 6 keyboard that uses an 8 pin Mini-DIN and I want to use it on a modern computer with at least a USB 2.0 port. I've searched online e-commerce websites but most ...
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Could a BBC Micro power supply be replaced with USB power?

According to this video the BBC Micro's power supply provided a 5 Volt supply to the motherboard. Could a BBC Micro have it's internal power supply replaced with a USB power connector?
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Reading 720 KiB floppy disks in a floppy drive identifying as ‘TEAC USB UF000x’ [closed]

I am using a USB connected "Sabrent FD-05PUB" 3.5″ floppy drive to read data using Windows 10 computer. It shows in Device Manager as "TEAC USB UF000x USB Device". The 1440 KiB ...
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Role of Termcap under contemporary unices

A word of caution regarding this question: I'm more a userland than kernel person but have this nagging concern which I think belongs to kernel. When configuring a system one decides on peripherals ...
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Gotek drives for MS-DOS (plus few more constraints)

I have installed two gotek device instead of two old unworking floppy disk drives (in particular on an Olivetti PCS 86). And the result is something like this: (The one on the right should the the A:...
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Wanted: 5.25" floppy to USB adapter

I have found inexpensive (~$15) 3.5in floppy to USB adapter cables but have been unable to find a similar adapter for 5.25 floppy drives. Does anybody make such a thing? Are the pinouts of a 3.5 the ...
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Accessing a USB drive from DOS

I am setting up a new development computer with FreeDOS and can boot off the SATA or USB drive. This is my first new computer with sophisticated UEFI (I have CSM enabled). If I boot from the USB I ...
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USB ports for a 486 laptop (pccard 16bits)

I have an old laptop 486 with PhoenixBIOS which supports PC card 16bits( PCMCIA II/III). I am thinking about the possibility of adding a pccard 16bits with USB ports, mainly to read usbsticks or ...
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How to use USB flash drives with Windows 98 SE?

I have a Compaq desktop computer running Windows 98 SE. It's been handed down a few times, and I don't recollect it ever being online but it does have a version of Firefox from 2007 so I could be ...
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Connecting Panasonic "Penwriter" RK-P400C to modern PC using USB to serial cable

I have a Panasonic "Penwriter" model RK-P400C electronic typewriter/plotter from circa 1985 I'd like to be able to connect to a modern PC. And hopefully even use to draw graphics! Bought in almost new ...
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How can I connect a modern USB keyboard to a system requiring PS/2?

I have a DEC VT525 terminal base (recently repaired) that requires a PS/2 keyboard. The Digital OEM keyboard was a LK 411, with a PS/2 plug. There was also a PC-style keyboard available. I could get ...
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Formatting a 720K floppy disk over USB fails with Windows 10

I've read many times that USB floppy drives will not format (or read/write) 720K disks. But then I read several posts online where people say they have done it. Even with Windows 10 (which is what I'...
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Is there a device that connects to a USB port and acts like a normal PC floppy drive?

I'm aware there are floppy emulators that are installed to 3.5″ bays where disk images are stored on a flash drive. But what I need now is the opposite: essentially a USB dongle that emulates the ...
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Mind-Controller User Input from the late 90s

In the late 1990's, I recall that there was a piece of hardware being demonstrated in Best Buy that supposedly allowed you to control your computer via signals sent from your brain. The way it worked ...
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Connecting an Apple //e with a Super Serial Card to an Android device via a USB to DB25 cable

I have an Apple //e, and I quite enjoy using it as a dumb terminal to my Raspberry Pi from time to time. Recently, I came across a few cords that could connect my Android phone (a Pixel) to the DB25 ...
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Modern USB devices on Windows 98 SE [duplicate]

I have a Windows 98 Second Edition laptop that is slowly degrading. It has not been used for a few years, and I would like to take a backup of the (2GB) drive before it fails. The CD-ROM drive is read-...
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