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When was the asterisk first used for "unsaved changes" and why?

The asterisk itself has been around as a symbol since literally (pun intended) before the earliest writing systems. Among its many uses, in some user interfaces it denotes unsaved changes to a file or ...
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0 answers

Origin of Cisco-like CLI?

Loads and wagons of networking devices all over the world use the same manner for commandline interface (CLI). First I met it in 1990s at Cisco devices (switches, routers...) which used Cisco IOS. It ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Was there a system with customarily backspaced prompts?

Nowadays, a default prompt in a Unix shell might look like % _ or $ _ (with the underscore indicating the cursor location), or, on other systems, a more elaborate string, like C:\>_. On the besm-6, ...
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When/why did computers come to have push-button main power switches where on and off is the same push action?

In the top answer to Why were animated screensavers used instead of a black screen on CRT monitors? the main reason was said to be that it avoids users accidentally turning off the machine, thinking ...
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