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For questions about the Commodore VIC-20

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What were VIC-20 year-by-year sales?

From "Commodore VIC-20: Worlds First Computer to Sell 1 Million Units" I see that: Between early 1981, when the VIC actually hit store shelves, and the first few months of 1985, when the ...
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Vic-20 total game cartridge sales

The Vic-20, like many home computers of its time, had a cartridge slot that could be used both as a general expansion slot, and for game cartridges like a console. Game cartridges on the Commodore ...
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Commodore tape drive performance specs

Over the years during which Commodore sold tape drives, there have been a few different versions of the drive with different analog electronics. I'm interested in experimenting with "turbo" tape ...
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