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For questions regarding the DEC VT100 Terminal.

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9 votes
9 answers

Why did the VT100 terminal have to be connected to a host computer if it already had a processor?

The VT100 terminal already had an 8080 processor. So why did it have to be connected to a host computer? Why not use its processor to perform computations? Is it because the VT100 processor's purpose ...
24 votes
1 answer

What is the difference between the "Return" and "Enter" keys in the VT100 terminal?

What is the difference between the "Return" and "Enter" keys in the VT100 terminal:
6 votes
2 answers

Behavior of DECDHL on single lines

The escape sequences ESC # 3 and ESC # 4 (DECDHL) are meant to be used on pairs on adjacent lines to request double height lines. As an example: echo -e "\e#3DOUBLE HEIGHT LINE\n\e#4DOUBLE HEIGHT ...
5 votes
1 answer

Using MAI DT4315A as a terminal for RaspberryPI or other linux system

I have an old MAI DT4315A that my company was going to throw out. I'd love to get it setup as a terminal for a linux based system or raspberry pi, just for fun. However, I've never completed anything ...
11 votes
6 answers

What happens when a terminal (like a VT100) is connected to a computer?

I'm wondering what's the sequence of actions when a terminal (like a VT100) is plugged into a serial port of a computer? Especially, how the connection of this terminal is detected, and how the ...
6 votes
4 answers

Can escape sequences be entered directly from keyboard to terminal for VT100 and similar?

TL;DR: In video terminals, like the VT100, can control characters and escape sequences only be sent by an application from the host computer to the terminal? Or can they also be sent directly by the ...
26 votes
8 answers

Did terminals (e.g. VT100) require a terminal driver on the host computer?

I'm wondering if terminals (like, e.g. the VT100) required the installation of a driver on the host system in order to work with that host? I looked at the documentation of the VT102, and there is ...
12 votes
1 answer

What does bold reverse video look like on a VT100/VT102?

My understanding is that bold text on a VT100/VT102 is more intense than ordinary text; I might say that normal text is 80% grey and bold text is 100% grey=pure white, for the sake of illustration. ...
5 votes
2 answers

Could we change the baud rate for the two serial ports on a terminal and on a computer?

Say we have a terminal (for example: VT100) that is connected to a computer (for example: PDP-11), and UNIX V7 is installed on the computer. The terminal will have a serial port that is connected ...
16 votes
4 answers

Computers with integrated monitor (all-in-one form factor)

The Commodore PET had an all-in-one form factor where the monitor was fused into the rest of the computer, making a single unit, not dissimilar to some early terminals like the VT100. This is ...