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For questions regarding the DEC VT52 Terminal.

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Advantage of RS-232 over 20mA current loop

According to Like other early DEC terminals, the VT50 series were equipped with both an RS-232 port as well as a 20mA current loop, an older serial standard used ...
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VT50 Reverse Linefeed

The DECscope User's manual (EK-VT5X-OP-001, 4th printing, March 1977) states (page 19) that Reverse Line Feed is VT52/VT55 only: Reverse Line Feed (VT52 only) invoked by ESC I (033 111) ... However, ...
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11 votes
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VT52 emulation for MS-DOS?

I'm trying to run an old MS-DOS program that was written to use VT52 escape codes. Some Microsoft knowledge base items (such as Q101875) refer to a 'third-party console driver' called VT52.SYS. I'm ...
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