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How did Citrix for Windows NT 3.1 work?

The design of both Windows 9x and Windows NT (before NT4) was based on the assumption that the OS/kernel is driving a single local graphical console session (this is visible today: Windows Server 2022’...
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Why does NT4 fail on boot if you give it an x64 CPU?

I tried to install Windows NT4, and I gave it the highest available CPU in QEMU (because that's the default, and of course it's an x64 capable CPU), and it crashed after text mode install. It did not ...
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Which generations of PowerPC did Windows NT 4 run on?

In a blog entry at The Old New Thing, Raymond Chen states that Windows NT first started supporting the 603 and 604 series of PowerPC processors. Was there a specific firmware version which was needed ...
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Did Windows NT 4 emulate x86 on non-Intel platforms?

I've been trying to find more information about non-Intel versions of Windows NT regarding x86 emulation but found very little about it. There is one sentence about it in the Wikipedia page but the ...
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