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Questions tagged [windows-xp]

The release of Microsoft Windows which succeeded Windows 2000 and Windows Me, with first editions released in 2001.

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Why does Windows 95 not install so well from a Windows XP boot floppy? [closed]

EDIT: And this is why you shouldn't rely purely on memory for these sort of things. After some fiddling with my XP and Win95 disks, I remembered that the problems I was having were more likely related ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to connect remote Windows XP PCs to one VPN using linux VPS in 2021 [closed]

I want to connect 2 (or more) Windows XP computers from different networks to a mutual virtual network. Also I have a VPS with a modern linux distribution with a public IP. I want to install some VPN ...
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3 answers

How to get Windows XP to detect a DB-15 gameport joystick?

I've got an standard interface (DB-15 analog) joystick connector on my Windows XP gaming system. It works fine for DOS applications (booting into DOS directly, not using XP at all). However, nothing ...
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