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The release of Microsoft Windows which succeeded Windows 2000 and Windows Me, with first editions released in 2001.

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Why didn't Microsoft use a well-known encryption algorithm like RSA for telephone activation?

After 20 years the telephone activation algorithm of Windows XP has been cracked. Please understand the algorithm itself has been cracked and not the activation program. Microsoft had designed its own ...
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How to get Windows XP to detect a DB-15 gameport joystick?

I've got an standard interface (DB-15 analog) joystick connector on my Windows XP gaming system. It works fine for DOS applications (booting into DOS directly, not using XP at all). However, nothing ...
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How to connect remote Windows XP PCs to one VPN using linux VPS in 2021 [closed]

I want to connect 2 (or more) Windows XP computers from different networks to a mutual virtual network. Also I have a VPS with a modern linux distribution with a public IP. I want to install some VPN ...
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Why does Windows 95 not install so well from a Windows XP boot floppy? [closed]

EDIT: And this is why you shouldn't rely purely on memory for these sort of things. After some fiddling with my XP and Win95 disks, I remembered that the problems I was having were more likely related ...
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