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What happened to all those Unix workstations in the '90s?

Around the early to mid '90s it seems there was a trend for high-end workstations running some form of Unix, and running a RISC or at least some kind of non-x86 architecture. For example: Sun ...
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Sun Ultrasparc 1 creator monitor

What kind of monitor could be used with Sun UltraSPARC 1 Creator Workstation other than the original Sun-provided monitor? Can a more modern monitor be used with this workstation?
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What is the ROMBO header on a Sun system for?

On a Sun Ultra 10 system board, there is a plain 32-pin header next to the PCI riser connector that the documentation describes as ROMBO. What is that? What would connect here? Other than the table ...
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Was there ever a kilowatt workstation?

Back in the day, workstations used to get impressively big. Take a look at this — sure, a modern laptop has more computing power, but you don't see personal computers weighing eighty pounds these days....
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