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XT-IDE, an 8-bit ISA adapter for IDE drives that allows booting from otherwise-unsupported hard disks.

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XT IDE causes BASIC not to load properly on IBM 5155

I recently picked up an XT IDE. It works fine for the most part, but when I tried to load BASIC samples from the original IBM DOS 1.1 floppy(I was booting from it), the system hung up, only showing a ...
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How to image a RLL or MFM hard disk on an XT class PC

I have an old XT clone which is fitted with a Seagate ST-238R RLL hard disk and an ST11R hard disk controller card. I have recently revived this old machine and it all appears to be working still. I'...
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XT-IDE Universal BIOS does not find master drive on XT CF Lite card

I have built a XT CF Lite v4.1 to boot my 286 with a compact flash card. I have configured it via DIP switches to address 300h and I am using the XT-IDE Universal BIOS 2.0.0 beta 3. This is I think ...
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How to debug BIOS ROM incompatibility?

I'd like to use the XT-IDE Universal BIOS with an IBM XT 286 (5162), but it's known to be incompatible. With the card installed, it will not boot from a floppy from which it would otherwise boot (it ...
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