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The Zilog Z80 microprocessor. Prefer [game-boy] instead for questions about the Game Boy CPU nicknamed the ‘GBZ80’.

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Source code for Logo in z80

I look for a source code for Logo written in z80 (the complete language, not only the turtle part). I found the dissasembly of Terrapin Logo for Apple 2e but it is 6502. Ideally, it would fit in 16K. ...
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Did the Mega Drive and/or Arcade version of the song "Afterburner" use FM synthesis or samples?

Does anyone know if the Mega Drive or Arcade version of Afterburner use FM synthesis or sound samples for orchestra hit in its song "Afterburner". I find oscilloscope views of each version but I'm not ...
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Was the S-83 Personal CP/M CPU used in commercial computers?

The June 1984 edition of Practical Computing magazine (page 43) refers to the American Microsystems Incorporated S-83 CPU as a Z80 compatible CPU with an 8K mask ROM capable of holding Digital ...
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Help debugging a circuit/code for Z80 and TMS9918ANL

I am working on designing a Z80 computer that utilized the TMS9918ANL for graphics. I am currently just trying to make sure the TMS9918ANL is working, so I hooked up the control pins the bus (...
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