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Questions tagged [zenith-supersport]

For questions about the Zenith SupersPORT line of portable computers

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Zenith Data Systems laptop with Timer Interrupt Error

I have an old Zenith “laptop” that runs on an 80c88 processor, and apparently was manufactured around 1985. It’s quite a beast of a laptop - size and weight, rather than computing power!. ...
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2 answers

Zenith SupersPort 286e 24 pin ribbon cable keyboard to modern computer

I have an old dead Zenith SupersPort 286e and it an a really high quality mechanical keyboard. The keyboard is connected to the motherboard with a 24 pin ribbon cable of approximately 3.15 cm of ...
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3 votes
2 answers

External power supply for 16.5V portable computer (Zenith SupersPort 286e)

I have acquired a Zenith SupersPort 286e portable computer without its battery and the external power supply unit seems dead (corrosion and/or leaking capacitors). The problem is that the power suppy ...
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Zenith SupersPort 286e doesn't boot at all

I have acquired a Zenith SupersPort 286e without its battery but with its (seemingly working) power supply. Sadly, the computer doesn't boot at all, nothing happens when I flick the On/Off switch. ...
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