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How did Z8000 implement mul/div in few transistors with no microcode?

The Z8000 was Zilog's entry in the 16-bit microprocessor market; it was unsuccessful in large part, as I understand it, because it took too long to debug. According to https://thechipletter.substack....
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Did underclocking the early Z80 chips improve yield?

The Z80, one of the most successful and well-known of the 8-bit microprocessors, was released in July 1976 at an initial clock speed of 2.5 MHz. The TRS-80 Model I, released the following year, is ...
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Was the Zilog Z8070 ever mass produced?

I only recently came across a mention of the Z8070 FPU for the Z8000 family. According to some benches, it was very fast given its HMOS implementation and clock. Of the very little information I can ...
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