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Electromechanical computers made by Konrad Zuse.

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How were Zuse Z22 Instructions Encoded?

The title says it all: How to En-/Decode Z22/Z23 Instructions? (History and Linkage: The question was raised by Wilson in a comment on my answer to his question "Why are PDP-7-style microprogrammed ...
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What is the instruction set of the Z4?

I am able to find a few instructions, such as: Fin (presumably "Fine", as in the end of a musical score, ends a program), Fin', (a conditional Fin), St (possibly "Start" -- the need for this is ...
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How did exception handling work in the Plankalkül language?

I saw mentioned in a number of places that the Plankalkül programming language had exception handling features. However, I am unable to find a description of what that looked like. It seems that most ...
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Floating Point on Konrad Zuse's computers

From what I understand, with floating point arithmetic, shifting values up and down is important, since a floating point value essentially is an equation like 2e×m. This supposition may be supported ...
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How does the floating point conversion in Zuse's machines work?

Can someone please help me understand the floating point to readable decimal conversion algorithms of the Z1 and Z3? There is a patent in German containing all the information but I can't speak German....
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Why does the Z22 have a read-only shadow of the return address location?

For some context to this question see Raffzahn's excellent question and answer How were Zuse Z22 Instructions Encoded?. The Z22 treats the first few locations of its address space in a particular way:...
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