A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 352
For questions concerning the history of computers, digital electronics, hardware manufacturers and software developers.
× 294
For questions about the components of retro devices (computers, etc.)
× 141
For questions about the different versions and products of the Commodore 64
× 133
For questions related to the Commodore Amiga family of personal computers.
× 129
For questions about the Apple II series of personal computers, and related software and hardware. For questions about Apple hardware in general, use the tag "apple"; for questions about the IIGS in p…
× 121
For questions regarding MS-DOS, the Microsoft Disk Operating System, and its batch scripting language. Do not use this tag for questions about DOS batch languages in general.
× 100
For questions regarding graphical - as opposed to text - processing and display.
× 98
For questions related to the use, restoration and imaging of floppy disks.
× 95
For questions about the early IBM PC, clones and compatible systems.
× 90
For questions about programming languages and constructs. For questions about specific languages please check for language-specific tags first, and use those instead.
× 87
For questions about computer memory in a retrocomputing context
× 81
For questions regarding the Zilog Z80 microprocessor
× 80
For questions about Assembly Language in general. Also use the appropriate processor's tag.
× 76
For questions about processes and software for emulating retro computer and console hardware (e.g. MAME, QEMU).
× 74
For questions regarding hardware and drivers used for video output.
× 73
For questions about Apple's Macintosh line of computers.
× 71
For questions about the different versions and products of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer
× 67
For questions about BASIC, a lightweight, high-level programming language favored in retro computer systems.
× 65
For questions about the applications and programs that can be run on retro devices (computers, etc.)
× 62
For questions about the 6502 series of processors, including hardware and assembly language questions. For questions about the hardware interface also use the "hardware" tag.
× 56
For questions about retro games, both software and hardware-based.
× 50
For questions about the different versions and products released by Nintendo
× 49
For use when seeking identification of a game played on a retrocomputer.
× 47
For questions about the different versions and products of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
× 46
For quesitons regarding the products of Commodore Business Machines.
× 45
For questions about the maintenance, usage, or history of retro keyboards.
× 44
For general questions regarding operating systems on retrocomputers.
× 43
For questions about the Unix operating system.
× 41
For general questions about computer chips and chipsets in retrocomputing hardware. Do not use for questions regarding a specific chip. Use that chip's tag instead.
× 41
For questions regarding the products of IBM, International Business Machines.
× 40
For questions regarding Cathode Ray Tube monitors
× 40
For questions about different versions of, and products for, Atari consoles and home computers.
× 40
For questions about products made by Apple
× 38
For questions about the Intel 8080 8-bit microprocessor
× 38
For questions about the software development process on retrocomputing platforms
× 36
For questions regarding the instruction sets of microprocessors.