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No, this sound card is definitely not intended for such a slot that expands the ISA slot to 32 bits. This is a Compaq-specific sound card meant for a Compaq-specific ISA slot extension. There is no more than the six pins for Compaq-specific audio extensions. Based on a few pictures of the card, it simply routes some audio signals between card and backplane. ...


Were those slots manufacturer-specific or was there some kind of (unofficial) standard? Manufacturer specific. (Well, there was EISA, but I guess it's safe to assume that this question is explicitly not about EISA) What additional signals were available in these slots? Most likely D16..31 and A24..31. Plus maybe BE0..3 - and that's where the main issue ...


The 32-bit extension to ISA was Extended ISA but it doesn’t add any additional connectors, instead adding extra pins to the part of the existing edge connector that is reserved for insulation.

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