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One thing you will certainly need: Patience, a lot of it. Establishing SSH connections with either the client or server side having a very low performance CPU (as in, an 68xxx. I once tried with the client on a Mac LCII with NetBSD...) can take several MINUTES to do all the key exchange work. Also, plan in half an hour for generating the keys when installing ...


For configuration of SANA-II drivers for serial line interfaces see Roadshow, "slip.device" is your friend. Better use a newer openssl port because the encryption methods may be obsolete.


Earlier revisions had some bugs (errata) but they still work fine and the problems can be worked around. For instance the MMULibs software checks the revision of the chip when the computer boots and disables some problematic features. Doing that has a slight hit on performance but it's probably not noticeable. The main reason why chips with revision 6 are so ...

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