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Another idea could be to dump some Kickstart ROM to a file, then either add a new Resident module if there is space available in the image, or overwrite a non-essential one (audio.device comes to mind, see below), with a custom module that calls Debug() on Exec (You could use the module's Init function to do this). Then you burn your new ROM to an EPROM and ...


No, you can and, more importantly, it is fully supported to run Workbench 1.3 on a Kickstart 1.2 machine. This was rather common back at that time, because Workbench 1.3 brought some nice new features (like the RAD: drive, better printer drivers), and at least in Europe the first batches of Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000 arrived still with Kickstart 1.2. On ...


The case of the Amiga 3000T was actually modified from the Commodore PC-60 III (their top-range PC). I doubt, however, that this makes it an easier find. Those monsters are sought after as well, apparently. Commodore was still fully functional when the PC-60 and 3000T were produced, so it is very unlikely a generic stock item from a third-party supplier.


Here are the schematics. Don't know which version of VBS.

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