The Apple II series of personal computers and related software and hardware. Use [apple-iigs] for the Apple IIgs in particular, or [apple] for Apple hardware in general.

The Apple II (stylised apple ][) is an 8-bit home computer series designed by Apple's Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. The series was introduced in 1977 and produced until 1993. It was Apple's first mass-market product, and extremely successful, with sales growing exponentially for the first 5 years. When first introduced, its color support was noteworthy for such an inexpensive (at the time) computer.

Software available for the Apple II includes games, BASIC and other interpreters, and a variety of business and practical programs, including VisiCalc, which introduced the idea of the "spreadsheet" to the microcomputing world.

Peripherals include displays, tape and disk storage, modems, and a large variety of expansion cards, some of which contain additional processors to allow the Apple II to run software designed for architectures other than its own 6502.

This tag should be used only for questions about the apple ][, the apple ][+ (and Europlus and J-Plus), the apple //e, the apple Ⅱc, and the apple Ⅱc Plus, and software and peripherals for these machines. For questions about the Apple Ⅱɢꜱ use the tag.

For questions about Apple II assembly code, use the and tags in addition to this tag.