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Apple ][ nibble disk format specification

I've been generating documentation on various Apple II (and Macintosh) formats as part of the development of CiderPress II. The general layout of nibble data is described in this document, and the ...
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Apple ][ nibble disk format specification

There is no spec as such, except for the behaviour defined by what Saltine's Super Transcopy program does. (It's a great hack using the track read code from Essential Data Duplicator as mentioned here....
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Is there any RAM disk software available for Apple II DOS 3.3?

In 1982 there was a product made by Sorrento Valley Associates called the App-l-Cache. It was both a language card and a ram disk. The nice thing is they gave you the source code to all the drivers. ...
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How to write the Apple ][ HIRES pages to disk to make screenshots?

There is special DOS (named Eagle Graphext), written by Bulgarian programmer, which implements several graphics commands, for example MODE, GLOAD, GSAVE. GSAVE compresses the graphics before writing ...
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