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How were sprites handled on the IIgs?

There are two basic elements: Using "compiled" shapes, where the shape is stored as a series of drawing instructions rather than as data Taking advantage of the IIgs shadow RAM, as ...
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What is stored in IIgs BRAM?

The official list of BRAM values can be found in the Toolbox Reference Volume 1 in Table 14-3. This list was extended in System 6.0 and 6.0.1, which is documented in the Programmer's Reference for ...
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How were sprites handled on the IIgs?

There were multiple approaches possible, depending on the type of game. Many games used a combination of tricks to accomplish these techniques. One approach was to disable the shadow memory, writing ...
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Could the Apple IIGS play any and all Amiga MOD files?

There is a newer version of NinjaTracker (NinjaTracker Plus) that supports almost all of the (traditional) MOD effects and supports streaming of instrument samples. It should be noted that ...
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