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Without any other information, my first likely response has to be for you to verify the reassembly. Since I don't know what you actually took apart/disconnected, any errors made putting it back the way it started need to be eliminated first. If I assume that you did a minimal disassembly of the internals, or have verified everything is back in its proper ...


This is actually a comment, but images cannot be inserted in a comment, so I wrote an "answer", just to point out that this kind of trace looking is already known in other computers, like the ZX Spectrum. AFAIK, this is due to the wave soldering process used. This is how it looks like on the solder side:


(For this Answer I assume your question is about LocalTalk interfaces, not AppleTalk as system) TL;DR: If at all, the network side could be described as EIA-485. I guess a basic problem is that not only all of these do have similarities, but LocalTalk in fact uses two different interfaces. One between computer and the little box, and the other between ...


They were most likely wrinkled like that from the start, due to the way they were manufactured, and thus you should not be worried. Until the mid-90s, boards often went through an HASL, or "hot air solder leveling" process that put solder on the traces before the solder mask (a protective layer over the board) was applied. This initial solder over the PCB's ...

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