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ImageWriter II occasionally prints hex dumps

All right; I found the explanation in the technical manual: To determine the actual data being received by your printer, turn the printer off, press the SELECT button, and hold that button down while ...
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Layout of pre-APM Apple partition map

The first Macintosh that supported partitions was the first to support hard disks: the Macintosh Plus, through its SCSI port. This is documented in chapter 31 "The SCSI Manager" of Inside ...
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Error in Apple I manual's Wozmon listing or Hardware description?

Partial answer: If you look at the schematics, both on page 7 and the very last page, you'll see that the PIA actual gets a pair of signals for the display, /RDA via a one-shot trigger to CB1 as an ...
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Mac Plus refusing to read disks

This is typical of a drive failure. Your best bet is probably to try to clean the drive first, since a dirty drive is the most common (and easiest/cheapest to fix) way a drive can stop functioning. A ...
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What were the alternative graphic cards for the Apple II?

One very high-resolution graphics card that could be used with Apple ][ and //e systems was the IO Research Pluto This went up to 1024x768, in up to 24-bit colour. It did not go inside the Apple case: ...
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