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AMD Interwave audio fx

The AMD Interwave has an on-chip effects processor, which can provide up to 8 channels of delay-based effects. So 8 channels out of the 32 can be allocated for effects. A voice on a normal playback ...
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Using a Roland LAPC-I without a PC

According to the video description, the creator of the video connected only to the +5V, -5V and ground lines of an ATX power supply If you are, as you write, "unlearned in electronics", I'...
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Using a Roland LAPC-I without a PC

Michael Graf already pointed out the basic way to get it working, so here a few additional information bits about the LAPC-I that may help to understand the setup involved: Name It's mostly known ...
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Could the Apple IIGS play any and all Amiga MOD files?

There is a newer version of NinjaTracker (NinjaTracker Plus) that supports almost all of the (traditional) MOD effects and supports streaming of instrument samples. It should be noted that ...
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