What's the deal with Deno? We talk with a major contributor to find out. Listen now.

sigh. :) The beep comes from the OS ROM, and it is actually derived from the timing of the start and stop bits of each byte shifted into POKEY, this is determined from the interaction of the interrupts generated. The frequency output is nominally half of the operating bit rate, e.g. approximately 960Hz for a 19200 baud transmission (e.g. from a disk drive at ...


As to how such a device might work, look at the standard Commodore tape encoding, common to the PET, Vic-20, C64 and more. The timings actually vary very slightly between those computers when writing, but I'm going to use the archetypal timings given by The Complete Commodore Inner Space Anthology, page 97. A program file on tape consists of: a leader — a ...


I learned there is a Danish company " B Cool Controls " that apparently are people from ex "Lanng Stelman" MEMAC, they probably have knowledge and experience of complete MEMAC, so they may help with any issues reg files and conversion

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