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One thing I have seen is that with the reprogrammability of the 6845 CRTC on the CGA - and moreso its workalike on the EGA - you can indeed put more than 200 lines on the 5153 if you really want to. To make it work on CGA you either have to reduce the horizontal resolution, or use 40-col text mode, because of memory concerns, but it's doable. However it's ...


Just as a correction to a bit of the above: Hercules cards use regular MDA monitors. Their 350-line, nominal 50Hz mode (actually a bit below) isn't anything to do with regular broadcast monitors. They scan at 18.4kHz, which is a good way above that of typical TVs and low-rez monitors at 15.5~15.9kHz (and has the nice side effect of being effectively ...

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