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How does the sequence $C3, $C2, $CD translate to "CBM"?

8-Bit Commodore computers starting with the PET (released in '77) used the PETSCII set, which was based on the 1963 version of ASCII rather than the 1967 version used by most machines. PETSCII could ...
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How does the sequence $C3, $C2, $CD translate to "CBM"?

The C64 used PETSCII, not ASCII, as its character set, and most Commodore 6502-based computers had a 'shift' between the normal layout, with uppercase letters at $41 through $5A and pseudographics at $...
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What pointing devices were available for C64/C128?

The Amiga mouses also worked, but they took a lot of raster time for the mouse cursor to move fast enough.
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