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How were printouts done on Commodore PETs

I used to: OPEN 4,4: CMD 4: LIST CMD redirected the $FFD2 output routine to the specified file. Of course, you needed a printer that understood the PET special characters. The CBM 2022 and 2023 did.
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Memory gap in Commodore PET

I guess, this may be related to code overlays, where a new, task specific code segment is loaded from disk or tape to replace an existing one. This was a technique much more advertised for the PET ...
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Were there any standard tricks to fix PET upper/lower case differences?

The game you describe must have been made originally for the first PET model, the 2001. Between the 2001 and the 3000 series, Commodore swapped upper- and lowercase in the character ROM (in the half ...
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