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First off, Commodore acquired MOS Technologies in 1975.... before the PET by a few years. Commodore had made licensing deals with Rockwell and Syntertek and others as second source licensees of their 6502 cpu which even in 1975 with Apple and the Apple I and upcoming and potentially popular Apple II (which we know became popular) was a way for Commodore to ...


TL;DR: The computer, or rather its OS, has no idea about a directory, in fact not even what constructs a file. It can only open/read/write/close data streams from devices on the bus. Getting a directory is a clever hack of 'loading' a dummy program. This works since LOAD command is implemented as opening a data stream and loading what is returned into ...


I have mostly heard your first option, /ˈdʒiːˌɒs/, and analogously, also /ˈbiːˌɒs/ as the pronunciation of BeOS. My accent has /ɔ/ in this context, so /ˈdʒiːˌɔs/. This advert, at 2:10, suggests that at least the marketing department also thought it should be pronounced that way.

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