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Is there a version of Python that runs on a QL, Speccy or a Commodore?

Officially python was never ported or released on ZX-Spectrum computers, because it was first apperared in February 1991 when most of Speccy publishers moved to another modern hardware platforms. Only ...
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Name of Commodore tape format?

How did Commodore call their tape format? Hmm, what's wrong with Tape Format? It must have had a specific name, right? Does it? If you insist, maybe try CTF or 'Commodore (PET) Tape Format'? But ...
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Correct voltages and current draw for Commodore PC-1

Test #6: +5 V 3.5 A (max): 4.96 V (Vpp: 120 mV) +12 V 1.4 A (max): 11.53 V (Vpp: 400 mV) -12 V 200 mA (max): 12.29 V (Vpp: 88 mV) Are these voltages normal? Yes, those voltages are 'normal'. The ...
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