The compiler needs to be configured to allow the usage of 286 opcodes with the /G2 option.


SAGE Missile Defense System, 1957 SAGE was a system of computers used by NORAD from 1957 to the 1980s. The hardware was designed by MIT Lincoln Laboratory, derived from their Whirlwind I computer, itself the first computer (1951) to have core memory. The CPU (AN/FSQ-7) of SAGE had two banks of core memory: The FSQ-7 and -8 used core memory with 32-bit ...


Windows EXE programs do have to start with a STUB to avoid unintended consequences (crash etc.) when started in a non-Windows environment. EXPORTEDSTUB is supplied by the MLIBCEW Lib used in your link statement. IIRC it is possible to tell the linker (-stub?) to use a user supplied stub - which was, at one time, the standard way by using WINSTART.ASM (Faint ...

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